Messy Bun Hair Tutorial: Effortless and Stylish Updos |

Messy Bun Hair Tutorial: Effortless and Stylish Updos

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Sick of spending hours styling your hair? Look no further: with this tutorial, you can learn how to make an effortless and stylish updo in just minutes. The messy bun is the perfect “I don’t have time to do my hair” look that will still give you a sleek and stylish hairdo for any event. Keep reading to learn how to make this easy and chic updo that you can use for any occasion.

1. Unleash Your Inner Trendsetter with a Messy Bun Updo

A messy bun updo is the perfect way to express your sense of style and show imagination if you’re looking for a new hairstyle. Whether you’re aiming for a laid-back, effortless look or something more unique, there’s something for you.

Follow these steps to easily create a stylish messy bun updo:

  • Section off the crown area: Take a section of your hair from the center of your forehead to the crown of your head and tie it with a hair elastic.
  • Create a knot bun: Pull your hair back and begin twisting it. When you’ve made a spiral or knot-like shape, secure it with a hair elastic band.
  • Pull out your bun: To complete your look, gently pull out random pieces of your hair from your bun to create a messier, fuller bun.

This hairstyle’s timelessness and versatility make it the perfect go-to for any occasion. To change it up, try adding a colorful hair accessory, flower, bandana, or headband. For an edgier look, add a few strategically placed bobby pins to your bun. It’s the perfect way to show off your unique style.

2. Crafting the Perfect Messy Bun: Step-by-Step Instructions

Ready to break away from the strictness of sleek ponytails and bun styles? The messy bun is a timeless, effortless hairstyle that can take you from the office to lunch with friends!

Step 1: Gather all of your hair into a ponytail style of your choice. Secure with an elastic that is not too loose, but not too tight.

Step 2: Let your hair hang naturally, and begin to loop the ponytail around the elastic. Start from the end nearest your scalp and keep wrapping the length of hair onto itself. During this process, some of your hair might come undone – this is okay as it will add to the messiness of it all!

Step 3: Keep looping and tucking until you have achieved the desired messiness. Don’t worry if flyaways stick out; they will definitely contribute to the overall look!

Step 4: Once the desired look is reached, you can secure the bun further with bobby pins and/or additional elastics as desired. And you’re done!

  • Be sure to use a texturizing spray or powder at the roots to create the right level of “messy.”
  • Twisting sections of hair as you wrap them around the bun for extra volume and texture.
  • Hairspray can help tame flyaways and keep that messy style in place.

3. Top Tips for Perfecting Your Messy Bun

The messy bun is one of the most popular hairstyles, instantly giving you a timeless and effortless look. With a few tips, you can take your messy bun up a notch for a fresh and chic look. Here are the top three tips for perfecting your messy bun:

  • Start with clean hair:
    Make sure to start with clean hair that has been washed and dried. This will remove any oils or residue that can give your messy bun an unflattering look.
  • Tug & twist:
    Instead of just sticking your hair up in a bun, give it some depth. Tug and twist at the base of the bun, to loosen the hair and give you that effortless messy style.
  • Accessorize:
    Adding a few accessories to your messy bun is a great way to add more interest and style. Go with a classic headband or a few bobby pins. They look great and will help keep your hair in place.

By following these top three tips, you can perfect the messy bun and look like a star. Create a classic look with a few accessories thrown in—it’s easy to do, and you can look and feel confident.

4. Set Your Style with Hair Accessories and Styling Products

Your hair may be your crowning glory, but styling and accessories let you turn an everyday hairstyle in to something truly special. Small changes can make a big difference to your overall look.

There are many styling products and tools to help you achieve the style and finish you are looking for. A broad-toothed comb is great for detangling long, thick, or curly hair; and a brush for shorter or finer hair. Heat-resistant brushes and combs are great for when using a hairdryer; and a variety of tongs and curling wands can help you create boucles, soft curls, or tight ringlets.

Accessories such as clips, bobbles, and headbands are great for quickly creating a different look, or adding a bit of extra fun and sparkle to an up-do. Vintage-style barrettes, oversized bows, and feathers are great options for adding something unique.

Gels and Sprays

  • Gels are ideal for providing hold and hold-ability, whether you are aiming for a structured up-do, or loose, tousled look.
  • Sprays can be used to add volume, add shine, hold a style, or protect hair from heat or the elements.

Shine Sprays and Serums

  • Shine sprays and serums can help restore damaged or dry hair, as well as creating a silky, glossy finish.
  • Products can also be used to smooth down any flyaways, or to add an extra layer of protection against the heat.

5. Go Out and Show Off Your Messy Bun Updo!

Take your messy bun up-do out and show it off! With this versatile style, you’ll easily achieve effortless chic looks while also rocking an ultra high ponytail or a glamorous, red-carpet-ready bun. But wait, there’s more – throw in some whimsical jewelry to bring out the unique textures of your top knot and you’ll be turning heads in no time.

Be Free, Be Confident
When wearing your messy bun, remember to stay true to your personality and own the look. There are no rules when it comes to this style, so mix-and-match colorful scrunchie, headbands, or glitter accessories for a totally unique look. Don’t be afraid to play with your style and enjoy it!

Bling Your Hair
Let your personality shine through with different accessories. Whether it be a few thin bobby pins tucked away in a strategic place or a decorative chopstick, be creative and add to your already amazing up-do. If you want to start small, opt for a small rhinestone hair clip or a pearl hair pin. Any little detail will add some extra pizzazz.

Have Fun With Your Messy Bun
The best thing about a messy bun up-do is that it looks great no matter how you wear it. Feel free to play with the height and texture to find the style that suits you best. Whether it be slicked back with a severe edge or lightly messed up with some tousled waves, expressing yourself with your hair is key.

  • Wear your messy bun with confidence
  • Spice up your up-do with accessorizes
  • Experiment with height and texture

No matter how busy and hectic life can get, don’t forget to take some time to yourself and give your hair a glam makeover. With this Messy Bun Hair Tutorial, you now have a great guide on how to look effortless and stylish – and have a little fun too!

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